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If you would have played nice... maybe we wouldn't have killed you.

You can join the baby police, to find out how click here

Here at The Web Site we are not interested in prejudicial justice. The crimes of infants and toddlers often go without notice, what kind of civilization do we live in. A man can't swim in a fountain with the fish but when Timmy pees on the floor he gets off with a slap on the wrist!
"Mommy told me I had to go in timeout for 5 minutes before playing again" Not this time you little ass smelling doll fucker...

The Baby police are recruiting! We need some people to kick some baby ass. So if your interested click on the link to join, take the test and if you got what it takes your in! If you don't your a pathetic little puke and maybe the Baby PoPo will show up at your house!

Baby Beatings
Baby tries to draw, outside the lines for the last time says baby police

Our Mission, not quite finished

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