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An inspiring thought, brought to you by The Web Site

This is The Web Site recomending you to take pleasure in other peoples misery, cause if you don't someone else will take pleasure in yours.

Leave me alone
The Web Site

A small public announcement by The Web Site

Don't worry, it will all be over soon, so you can relax. It is near, this I can see, and what it brings is not for those of which I cannot speak...
Flying person launchers will rule the day, once the spanish conquest is completed Burger King will close it's doors and announce that they will save their time and go to McDonalds. Because it is near, this I can see.

Domination of the World
The Web Site

Public Service Announcement

I understand things are not right yet. If you would just contact your local governor or school janitor and tell them you no longer wish to mow your own lawn, something must happen! Somthing must be done. When your city sanitation workers don't disenfect people get sick, and when your teachers don't clean people get dirty. The aliens are hiding in your shoes. They must be found, and they must be punished...
Your friendly Commerce Assosiate,
The Web Site

Public Service Announcement

I got most of it guys. Seriously, it's mostly gone, theres nothing to worry about. Unfortuneatly it will be back filled with blood lust and vengence. Thankyou for being here... I had a moment guys, I had a moment.
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