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 RRCC Wi-Fi Mobilization



What is Wi-Fi?

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Contained in this website is a report prepared by FH Inc for Kleinfeld, Inc answering the question of wireless internet access for the Red Rocks Community College student body. 


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What is Wi-Fi?


What Wi-Fi?

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The Internet is a great tool to aid any student or faculty.  Knowledge is power and the Internet can give knowledge to those who want it. But, the people of RRCC are unable to access the Internet whenever they need or wherever they want. The proposal of Wi-Fi capabilities for this college must be dealt with. We are sure RRCC directors want the best for its students and faculty; an affirmative action will give student the best access possible.


If students are able to access the Internet anywhere on the campus, there is no limit of communication or connection to other people just next door or across the globe. RRCC does have Wi-Fi availability, but only in small areas, which only the faculty can use. 


According to Telephony magazine, the cost is low, for the Internet is accessed by electromagnetic waves, not by restricted cables or wires. Wi-Fi is simple and will take little time, even for the large body that is RRCC.   




RRCC Wi-Fi Project - ENG131 - (C) 2003