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 RRCC Wi-Fi Mobilization



What is Wi-Fi?

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Conclusions and Recommendations

RRCC could offer to its’ students a great method of research and learning.  For just above $10,000 U.S, RRCC could become one of the first Wi-Fi  campuses in the United States.  The entire body of RRCC will have the benefit of using Wi-Fi.  RRCC’s mission should be to lead the way. This technology of Wi-Fi is an opportunity to lead its’ students towards growing Internet and technology markets. 

If enough money can be used, RRCC should surely construct a Wi-Fi ‘hotspot’ available to both its students and faculty.  The quality of Wi-Fi hardware depends on the money available.


Hardware Conclusions

The Cisco 350 series presents not only presents everything needed, but serves as a valuable teaching tool. The Orinoco AP-2500 is a good piece for constructing a reliable Wi-Fi ‘Hot-spot’.  The 3Com 8000 model gets the job done for little expense. 

Our top choice, the Cisco 350 series best represents the RRCC tradition of academic excellence on a growing campus.  The 350 series AP is reliable ‘Hot-Spot’ and creates student and faculty needs for school based upon the Wireless industry.  The 350 series is built to resist being replaced because it can be upgraded without buying a whole new system.

The only problem with the Cisco 350 series is its’ need for maintenance.  Although it is a powerful tool, it may only be as powerful if it is maintained.  The RRCC technical staff would be responsible for all Wireless Fidelity of the RRCC campus. The use of this technology would need training and patience from all faculties.

 The RRCC technical staff, students, and faculty, must choose what is best for a campus-wide Wi-Fi.





RRCC Wi-Fi Project - ENG131 - (C) 2003