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Suporting Cast


Founded in 1958 by Sir Everett Thomas Quinn, the ISNI is a private institution, research and training facility for elite agents specialized in dealing with supernatural events and protecting day to day society from the numerous attempts to bring about Armageddon occurring daily. Based out of London, ISNI agents are operative world wide, usually in teams of two or three, relying on local police and armed forces for heavy support.

Teams are learned in mythology and trained in armed and unarmed combat skills tailored towards dealing with supernatural opponents. Given the nature of their work, ISNI recruits people who may otherwise be a hazard, Psychics, Pyrokinetics, Phychonisists, as well as normal individuals who show particular interest in the supernatural. There are rumours that the institution also employs a number of domestic werewolves, and even a vampire.


Disclaimer & Special Thanks

Schwarz Kreuz is the original work and property of Rhiannon McCullough 2003/2004