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Actually questions that have been frequently asked other people

Van Helsing Von Helsing
In Bram Stokerís Dracula the name of the doctor summoned to cure lucy is Abraham Van Helsing, from Amsterdam a widower whoís only son died as a boy. Nikolas is descended from Van Helsingís brother, who moved the family to Germany. The german equivalent of the dutch van is von, basically meaning ďofĒ.

How is the comic drawn?
With a #2 .07 weight mechanical bic pencil on a finetooth Strathmore sketch pad, penned with .01 .05 .005 Staedtler markers and coloured in Adobe Photoshop.

Link to me!
No promises, my links page is to good firends and comics I especially like. But if you link to me let me know so I can at least check your site out, no promises though.

The comicís late! Why?
Itís probibly production week/finals week and Iíve been living in the theatre/library.

Any other questions? Just ask, Iíll do my best to answer.

Disclaimer & Special Thanks

Schwarz Kreuz is the original work and property of Rhiannon McCullough ©2003/2004