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Currently a student in Theatre and German Language, although she is not primarily a visual artist Rhiannon McCullough has writing and drawing comics and fiction since she was too short to break things. She started seriously working on comic illustration in college, although it took her two year to finally take an art class. She does most of her graphic work designing posters for the theatre department.

Das Boot, Cowboy Bebop, Blade Runner, Sepiku, Ran, State of Divinity, Hero, Cold Fever, Ghost in the Shell

The Pillows, Aikawa Nanase, Simon and Garfunkel, Jody Collins

Lord of the Rings, Shackleton’s Boat Journy, Otherland


Battle Angel Alita, Tin Tin, Hellsing, Blade of the Immortal, Girl Genius


Disclaimer & Special Thanks

Schwarz Kreuz is the original work and property of Rhiannon McCullough ©2003/2004