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Welcome to Rampart General
Emergency Department

This site is for fans of the TV series Emergency!, and especially for fans of the Rampart gang: 

Dr. Kelly Brackett, MD, FACS 
Dr. Joe Early, MD, FACS 
Dr. Mike Morton, MD
Dixie McCall, RN

Dr. Brackett's office is in Room 127, ahead past the nurses' station and on the left.

Dr. Early's office is upstairs in the Neurology department.

Dr. Morton doesn't have an office; however, he might be in the On-Call Room. Ask for him at the Nurses' Station.

The Nurses' Station is immediately ahead of you on your right. Miss McCall is probably there.

The Break Room is for staff only. It is in back of the nurses' station.

The Gift Shop is down the hall to your left, past the cafeteria.

The Chapel is just past the gift shop on the left. (Note: Christian content)

The Waiting Area has magazines, games, and a New! guestbook for you to sign. If you'll have a seat, a doctor will see you as soon as possible.

Many heartfelt thanks to Tigger, who graciously shared her screen shots, and even took some just for me. Almost all of the photos on these pages come from her, and many of them can be found on Tigger's Emergency! page.

For other Emergency! links, go to Kel Blecher's Emergency! Dispatch page.

Update April 2009, from R. K. MacBride:
FYI: Since the last time I logged into this site (exactly 8 years ago to the day--wild. How time flies!) my life has gone in different directions. I am no longer involved in media fandom, though Kel, Joe, Dixie and the gang will always have a warm spot in my heart. I originally created this site partly to teach myself to write HTML, and partly to give some Web presence to the Rampart folks. I've moved on to other pursuits, and I'm not maintaining the site anymore (though I went through recently and removed some non-working links, and deleted any forms). However, I'm leaving the site up, mostly because the pix are pretty cool, it was fun to do, and I think it's a fun little site to browse through (for my absolutely first try at a website, I'm pretty proud of it still). Anyway, I went through a major depression in 1999-2000 (as one might deduce from reading "Domino Effect" on this site) and by the time I finally crawled out of the black hole, there were other creative outlets calling me to direct my energies in other ways. Come visit me at Aspen Tree Yarns to see some of my handspun yarns, weaving, and other fiber arts. Most of all, enjoy your visit to Rampart!

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