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Serenity NSW Inc: Mission statement

Mission Statement

"To help people learn of their fears and overcome them"


"Our overall aim is to help people live life more fully,
to free them of their anxieties,
and allow them to reach their full potential,
which is usually surprising even to them.

We strive to empower those who come to us,
and to allow each person
to have freedom in setting their own program.

We are there to assist, explain, encourage, educate and listen
to sympathise and even empathise at times,
But always to raise the person to a higher level
physically, menta ly, emotionally and spiritually,
without forcing our views on anyone.

Freedom of thought, and an open mind
are all that is required to be well"


End the isolation of anxiety sufferers
Inform the public about the Anxiety disorders and in particular, panic attacks, to reduce their long term effects.

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