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Costas Mandylor


Costas - Secret Agent Man

COSTAS MANDYLOR -- Costas Mandylor is an incredibly talented actor who has been in the business for over ten years now and has been in a variety of films, magazines, and commercials.

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Costas Mandylor - Picket Fences Costas Mandylor - Picket Fences Television: Costas is probably best known for his role as "Kenny" in the award winning series, "Picket Fences." Picket Fences was a dramatic series created and produced by David E. Kelley (Ally McBeal, The Practice, Chicago Hope) for CBS from 1992-1996. This critically acclaimed series revolved around the strange events in the quaint, normal town of Rome, Wis. Picket Fences was nominated for 12 Emmys, including Outstanding Drama Series, in 1993 and 1994. Picket Fences was playing daily on TNN. With the new program lineup, it has been moved to Fridays only. If you would like to see if Picket Fences is playing in your area, check out the "Costas Current TV Schedule Link" below.
Costas Mandylor - Players

Costas also starred in two other television series: "Players" and the short lived series "Secret Agent Man". Players was about three street smart convicts and also starred Ice-T, Frank John Hughes and Mia Korf. In Secret Agent Man, Costas was the main star and played of all things -- a secret agent! Secret Agent Man premiered last year for one season (aired March 2000), and although unfortunately was not renewed for a second season, it was a cult favorite for many.

Costas - MobstersMovies: In terms of movies, Costas starred with Melissa Gilbert and Kathy Baker in the CBS Drama, "Sanctuary," based on the Nora Roberts novel which aired February 2001. He also had a cameo role as a macho police officer in the Sean Penn directed movie, "the Pledge" with Jack Nicholson and Benecio Del Toro, which aired January 2001, and he had a recurring guest role in the Showtime Series, "Resurrection Blvd" which aired the episodes he starred in February and March 2001.

In Production: Costas currently has one movie that is in production called "Cover Story" with Jason Priestley.

Costas Mandylor Costas Mandylor Magazines: Costas throughout his career has been in a variety of magazines including Esquire, Detour, GQ, Playboy (a fashion layout) and of course People Magazine. In the November 2000 issue of People Magazine which featured an article entitled "2000's Sexiest Men," he was listed as one of the Sexiest Men in their "Awesome Aussie" category. Also, In 1991 Costas was chosen by People Magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World (Summer 1991 issue).

If you would like to find out more about Costas, be sure to check out his biography link. For the most up to date information on Mandylor's current movies, check out the "The Internet Movie Database" IMDB. You can also obtain his current television schedule for the month by clicking on the following link: (Costas Mandylor Current T.V. Schedule).

Costas - Secret Agent Man Secret Agent Man

Last, if you have the power, there is a great site for watching previews of videos, movies, etc. - (although when the site gets busy, previews can cut off in the middle). Has quite a few of Costas (just choose "Search for Movie by Star" enter his last name and his entire list will come up - you can watch movies in 28k, 56k, 100k and 300k, Real and Mac).

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