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Costas Mandylor Other Links



If you would like to see other Costas fansites, check out the following links below:

Rome Pages - Picket Fences Site
*The Incredible Monk Website

Very cool site dedicated to the show Secret Agent Man
The Unofficial Mandylor Bros. Homepage
Players Fansite
Columbia Tristar Television - Secret Agent Man
Break TV's Secret Agent Man
*The Players Pad - Dedicated to Players T.V. Series
Players- Wolf Films.Com

Link to Nora Robert's Sanctuary Photo Gallery
Photo of Costas Mandylor from In Magazine

Costas in Shelter Costas in Shelter


Last, if you would like to purchase Costas Mandylor videos at a reasonable price -- the
best place I've seen yet is - search for Mandylor and most of his videos should come up.

Costas Mandylor


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Costas in Shelter Costas in Shelter Costas Mandylor