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Sassy's FanFiction

Costas Fanfiction

This page contains a greeting and story by fellow fan "Sassy."
This page will be updated in the future when I have some free time, but
until then I hope you enjoy this adventure!

Greetings and welcome to the corner of this site devoted to "Fan Fiction". Around 90%
of the stories are "Players" stories, because I really loved the series and was
personally a bit miffed when they cancelled it.

It is worth bearing in mind the following when you read.

1. I'm a Brit (okay, I'm half an Aussie as well, but I was educated here!). So I don't have any
real grasp of American grammar, what follows is a kind of pastiche of both sides of the Atlantic.

2. The stories tend to be a lot bloodier than the original series. So you might want to read through
first before you let the under 18s loose on them.

3. I have no medical knowledge. So please forgive errors! Anyway this is fiction, and if they can
resurrect Bobby* from under the roses where they buried him…………I'm sure you get my drift.

4. Being British, my sense of humour is the result of a lifetime's exposure to Noel Coward,
Oscar Wilde, Croft and Perry and the "Carry On" movies……..

The "Players" stories fall into two categories. Lengthier fiction which is a kind of series in itself
and the short stories; the "Dark" series and the Doggy short stories which came about as a writing
challenge, plus I figured Alphonse was the only one likely to introduce an unsuitable pet into the loft.

* Yes, I do mean Dallas, and yes, I know that dates me!

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