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Costas Mandylor Filmography


Costas Mandylor

Costas - Secret Agent Man

Notable T.V. Guest Appearances

Sex and The City (2001)

Resurrection Blvd. (2001)

Nash Bridges

The Outer Limits: "The Heist" Episode
*Once you reach archives, go to season 2, The Heist.

F.X. The Series

Tales From The Crypt: "Half-Way Horrible Episode"

Mandylor - Secret Agent Man


Turn of Faith (2001)
Above and Beyond (2001)

Sanctuary (2001)
Sanctuary (2001) - Link #2
The Pledge (2001)
Gangland (2000)
Intrepid (2000)
"Secret Agent Man" (2000)
Stealth Fighter (1999)
Bonanno: A Godfather's Story (1999)
Conversations In Limbo (1998)
*Entire short can be seen at using above link.

Mandylor - Secret Agent Man
Shame, Shame, Shame (1998)
Exiled (1998)
The Fury Within (1998)
*Once you reach archives, search for Mandylor.
Double Take (1997)
Just Write (1997)
Shelter (1997)
Players (1997)
Players - Link #2
Players - Link #3
Stand-Ins (1997)
Love-Struck (1997)
Crosscut (1996)
Last Exit to Earth (1996)
Portraits of a Killer (1996)
Shame (1996)
Fist of the North Star (1995)
Venus Rising (1995)
Delta of Venus (1995)
Virtuosity (1995)
Falling For You (1995)
Almost Dead (1994)
Fatal Past (1993)
*Once you reach archives, search for Mandylor.
Picket Fences (1992)
Mobsters (1991)
Soapdish (1991)
The Doors (1991)
Triumph of the Spirit (1989)

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Costas - Secret Agent Man