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Costas Mandylor's real name is Costas Theodosopoulos. He was born September 3, 1965 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Of Greek descent, Mandylor's family traveled extensively throughout Australia and Greece, and Mandylor is fluent in both English and Greek. Mandylor grew up in Australia where his family was involved in the nightclub business.

Costsas Mandylor His youth was divided between hanging around bars, working out at the boxing gym with his brother and playing soccer. At 18 Costas moved to Greece to become a midfielder for the European Championship team, Panathiniakos. At age 21 Costas moved back to Australia to join their National League. There he suffered a severe shin injury which forced him to give up his soccer career.

In 1989, Costas left Greece to come to the United States where he changed his last name from Theodosopoulos to Mandylor (after his mother's maiden name Mandylaris) Mandylor's career break came when he was cast in his first film Triumph of the Spirit with Willem DaFoe. He worked for Director Oliver Stone in The Doors and was cast in the pivotal role of Frank Costello in the feature film Mobsters.Costas - Players

Mandylor is 6' tall and is married to his long time live in girlfriend, the very beautiful Talisa Soto (they were married in May 1997)*. His brother is actor, Louis Mandylor, who is one year younger than Costas. Louis was also a professional soccer player and boxer before following Costa's footsteps by coming to the U.S. to pursue an acting career. Louis has also been in a variety of films and also had his own television series, Martial Law. In 1991 Costas was chosen by People Magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World, and currently Costas is listed as one of the Sexiest Men of 2000 in the November 2000 issue of People Magazine. Costas has been in a variety of movies, and has quite an extensive acting career (be sure to check out his filmography).

*Although all articles I've recently seen show Costas as being married to Talisa Soto, in the November 2000 issue of People Costas is listed as being 'single'.




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