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A special new update: "Brit and friends" gallery! look below for the HX article too
Over 250,000 New Yorkers are getting their first taste of Bit this week as her first articles and pics! in HX Magazine (the widest reaching gay mag in NY) are on shelves now!
Britney's big night! CLick here for pics and story from Nyla!
Bored on Wednesday nights? You should be on a "Joy Ride" with Britney! Click here for details
Want to see the evolution of a diva? How did it all happen! Click here!
"The Waiting Game" :A special "Britney and the Beast" type Update! Click here!
Kody and Britney making WORLD HEADLINES!! Click Here!
A Moment Like This!! Meeting my idol... read how it happened!
UPDATE!! What's going on this month for Brit? Alot! Check it out!
Check out this comparison! Has Brit surpassed her idol in beauty? hehe you tell us?!
Britney's next adventure is the biggest to date. Be the first to get a look at what's in the works!
Party like the stars? No! Party withthe stars! Read Britney's latest adventure!
Click here to see the amazing photos by Aaron Cobbett
Britney and Pepsi!Enjoy them both here!
Wanna find out about Brit's alter ego Kody? Can't wait for the MTV special - get an inside look at the person behind it all.
This week in Britville! an update!
Update!! The Biggest update yet! So much new stuff.. even an exlusive video!
The Britney pic gallery has had a few cute additions this week!
Britney's back in the Big Apple! How was the concert and Dallas? What's next for this rising Diva? click here to find out!
THIS JUST IN! Brit's headed back to Dallas! (for a week anyways!) Click here to find out why?
This Brit's review of the other Brit's restaurant; Nyla! An adventure in nightlife.. on the 15th!
Britney strutted her stuff for MTV! Click here to find out how it went!
Britney and MTV! Sound like a good pair to me! Britney is being filmed for an MTV special tonight! 7/12/02 Click here to find out more!!
Britney's headed to the Big Apple..but is it for more than just the biggest performance ever?? Click here to find out!
Click here to see the News archives!

Summer is over but Britney has got some things that will keep you hott all winter long. Look here to find out dates of when and where you can see Brit on tv, in a mag, online or LIVE.

• Oct - Dec. Working on "It takes two.."! New York, NY
• Oct - Dec. The Real World:audition, New York NY
• Check it out!: World of exclusive
• November: A suprise MAGAZINE Cover story!!
• Every Wednesday! Miss Valentine will host "Joy Ride" at NYLA, New York City NY


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