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Welcome to my site! I am Julie, a 37 yr old mother of 2 and devoted tattoo admirer. I relocated a little over a year ago to the North Dallas area with my family.

One of my greatest passions is body art. Be it tattooing or piercing. I love it. I currently own 6 beautiful pieces, as well as several piercings in a variety of placements.

Tattooing and piercing is still considered a pastime for degenerates in many parts of our country and the world. In reality, body art is a beautiful and well planned expression of personal identity, ideals and beliefs. This is what makes tattoos so intriguing, the beauty of the art, the birth of artistic ideas and the stories that they tell about us.

Please take some time to join me on my personal journey as I collect this wearable art. I also welcome your stories and photos. You may use the email address above to share these with me and my visitors.

Once again, welcome and enjoy.

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