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Shops to Visit

Below are some shops I have visited. If you happen to be in either of these areas stop in and say hi. You are welcome to send in business cards for shops which you have visited and had work done in. Please ask permission from the shop owner before doing so.

Marks Of Art, San Jose, California

Scotty is the owner of Marks of Art. He did the picture of the Sun shown on my tattoo pics page. Dave Flowers , formerly of MofA, inked the fairy and the angel. If you like art that is a mix of traditional and new skool, see Julio. Julio has been featured in the Stretching Canvas section of International Tattoo for both his tattoos and paintings. Stop in and say hi to the guys (and the lovely ladies who run the counter) and check out some of the great artwork. You can also visit the always knowledgeable staff of the piercing shop next to MofA called Pierced Out.

Adorn Body Art, Beaverton, Oregon

I made a trip to Oregon in 2001 to visit my sister and niece and there I found Adorn Body Art, a female owned business. Since there are not too many of those in Northern California, I had to check it out. I am a firm believer in supporting female artists since they are an under credited class in the world of body art. There I met Desta and Anne. Turned out Anne is herself from San Jose and does some guest appearances at Marks of Art. I was very excited when we found that we had seen each other there. She was doing a guest appearance when I was doing the Fairy with Dave. She is a cool chick and does fantastic work. Anne if you read this...send some samples please!

Piercing by Desta

I had Desta do a piercing on me, initially, I only went to check it out and maybe plan a trip there for some work, but then I could not resist the lure of the piercing needle. So Desta obliged my urge and did a conch piercing on my left ear. My left ear now sports 5 piercings. I love them all and want more. If you are ever in the Portland /Beaverton area, stop in and say hello to the ladies and let them know you heard about them here. Support female artists!

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