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My Family Photos

It all began when an Army soldier named Ernest and a pretty little girl named Julie met in the middle of a crowded room.....

Vacation Pictures-Monterey May 1998

They kind of did things a little backward and started a family before saying "I do."...

Disneyland and the Family Honeymoon-February 1999

Well, since we all started this adventure together, we decided it was only right we include the kids in our Honeymoon. So here we all are in the Magic Kingdom!!!!

This is Naomi, Bernard and my friends son, AJ. Smile everyone!
Skyler poses with Goofie.

A smack for good measure.

My girl,Sheila, adds spice to any place she goes.

A Happy Ending to a Long Story

Sharing a kiss as we end a perfect day in the Magic Kingdom.