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JulieMoon's Favorite Links

Here are the links for photos and information on page. Also included are links to other tattoo and piercing information sites. Should you wish to have me add a favorite link of yours, please send all the pertinent information and I will be happy to add it to the page. Happy browsing

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My Favorite Site for Home Pages

Angelfire Home Pages

My Personl Links

My Family Pics
Click for my personal tattoo pics
Come Check out My Body Art Fan Club on Yahoo!
Home Again, Home Again
Pics of me and am I cute or what?
The Cheyenne Show
Waxing Poetic
Join My Latina/Black Mens group on Yahoo

Links to Tattoo and Body Piercing Info and More!

Flesh-For those who desire to adorn it!
BME- The Ultimate Body Art Page!
Magickal Moon-A great place for beautiful graphics and also a huge source of Pagan Information.
Body jewelry for men and women: rings, piercings and other