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Tattoo Deluxe- San Pedro, Ca

While on a trip to San Pedro,Ca in Janurary 2002, I met Johnny of Tattoo Deluxe. I explained what I was going for, my future plans for the area of my body and showed him the work I already had. I also explained my love for the art of pinup artist, Olivia and then I gave him free reign to create a piece using that information and his own ideas of what he wanted the art to look like. Below are the results of our 3 and half hours spent together.

Tattoo Gallery-Marks Of Art Studio, San Jose, Ca.

The First Three images in this collection are the very first tattoos I ever had done. I started in June of 1997 with my Where Sun Does Shine piece. This was an hour and a half setting with "just" Scotty, the owner of Marks of Art. I whimpered like a baby when the needle made first contact, but was soon silent and relaxed as my endorphins kicked in. What a rush!! The next two pieces, Space Fairy and Naughty Angel, were done by Dave Flowers in 1999 and 2000. Dave is no longer with MofA, but if you happen to meet him in one of San Jose's shops, tell him you say his work here.

Well here they are! These are the pics of my geisha leg piece. The tattoo has been done for a bit over a year now and I have yet to post a pic of the fully healed product. Once my legs look cut, I will post one, I promise. In the meantime, enjoy these pics of the process and if you ever happen to be in the San Jose, Ca. area, stop in at Marks of Art and say hi to the guys!! A big shoutout to Justin Bell, my awesome artist. Thanks for your patience, your kindness and the beauty you have brought into my life! I miss you man!!

Once again, I am urging you to send in your pics and stories for inclusion in the site. If any of you out there have been tattooed by either Juli Moon or by my favorite, Deano Cooke, please send me stories about your experiences with the artist and a picture of the work done. I look forward to hearing from each and everyone of you. Thanks again for visiting my site~ Julie

All body art on this page is original and no copying or downloading of images may be made without express consent of Julie Robinson aka, AztecMoonScribe.