Hello and welcome to the un-famouse "psychosworld2". This entire website was coded by hand, so it should me maximally efficient. More about psychosworld2...
[Sporratic News] - [December 15, 2003]
          Hey! I live in Napa again! Jobs are scarce in LA, so I came back. I have been a Courier here for the local hospital for about 6 months now. It's not bad. I don't have much to add to this, except that I have kinda been more involved in thinking rather than doing in the ways of this web space. Some time in the future I might do some thing better with this setup. This concludes my annual update! (hahaha) Peace.
          -Alcoholic 007 (Louis II)
[Sporratic Updates] - [October 25, 2002]
          Fallout 2 Download Page -The Fallout (1 and 2) character file to .html file utility. Change your character files into web-pages to show off to fellow waste-roaming northern tribesmen. -Available in browser or for download and free use.
          TRPG QuestScripter -The tribes quest scripting utility for TRPG. You can now easily set up a quest script for TRPG with this quest scripting utility. -Available in browser or for download and free use.
          TRPG Weapon Maker -The tribes weapon makeing utility for TRPG. You can now easily make a TRPG weapon with this script utility. -Available in browser or for download and free use.
          TRPG New Damage Skins -New "Bloody Style" damage skins for TRPG. Add this to the instructed TRPG folder and you will see a better skin when you hurt something. -Download and place...
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