Hello and welcome to the SPAM pages! Most of this area is dedicated to the pile up of garbage in my mailbox over a 5 month period (approx. 15 per page * 80 pages = 1200 spam messages.) I no longer use that account, so e-mail spam will no longer be added to the current tally.
        Why have a spam section? Well... we all get spam, and many of us just delete it and ignore it... but I decided... why not archive it to show everyone just how much time I have personally wasted deleting it?
        Back in high school I was a "spammeR" of the sort your parents and friends off at a college probably are. I would send an e-mail of a daily or weekly joke to about 52 people on my own personal .txt file list of e-mails and names. At the time I just thought I was cheering up other peoples dull days, and didn't realise how much time I may have wasted. Things rolled on like this for about 9 months until I then started to get smart recipients who were plain out blocking out my e-mailings. Since these people were my aquaintances in real life, I decided I had to stop, and put an end to my mass-mailing spree.
        Senior year I did a report on Spam with a friend (not a relative though) named Dal Wilson. I became a prime source of spam use/abuse information since I had sent it myself to him, as well as others. We got an A+. Not less than 2 months later, I recieved a "spam award" in my speech class from Tom Lynch, as he had friends who I used to spam, and witnessed my awful habbit first hand.
        Now, on with the spam, and possible other goodies...!
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