Here lies the section I have set aside for the games I play most in my free time. Different section will have tips and links that will be of use to you on your visit here. Right now, the Fallout 2 part is up, though it currently only shows off a few of my old Fallout 2 characters. Hopefully I will be adding to that in the future. The Tribes areas are always changing in my mind, so... what happens with them will remain a mystery. The regular Tribes area will be for general tribes things, but, the Tribes RPG area will contain helpful moding scripting, and commanding information, for the Base version of TRPG. (possibly other versions in the future... like PK Palace, MR, or Particles.) Tools to aide you in scripting shall also be present, including links to other excellent sites with useful downloads and information.
[Older News] - [June 5, 2002]
          The games area has totally changed as you can see... and currently is pretty lacking in content. Well.. coding it was enough for me for the past couple of days... I also coded a bunch of crap for the other sections... music... etc... Time... time time. OK, tired adios!
[Newer News] - [October 15, 2002]
          Well well well... now that I live in LA, I have a little more "free" time. I have completed bothe the symbols and the spell combinations for Dungeon Master 2 spells in the Dungeon Master 2 area. I have also added a little to the Fallout2 and Tribes downloads.
          -Acoholic 007 (Louis Wilson II)
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