This area is for musical bands and that type of thing... I know there is far from enough room for me to put in a mention of all those worth hearing, or wierd bands that old friends ran, so I will just mention the few bands less traveled for your insightful perusal. (hmmm... but hopefully ALL of the bands that kick the MOST ass soon.)
      Whether or not it is friendly or nasty music, I do try to have a wide variety on hand at home, just in case I need a fix in something outrageous and talentless (just kidding about the talentless part,) and similarly I plan to stock this section with a wide variety of musical choice. Everything from one end to the other of the spectrum. Let this be a warning that a good deal of music is offensive (duh!) and that I don't weed that out, so don't be angry with me.
      The pages for each band have a quick description/review, a link to their homepage(s), and if they don't have a webspace, then there will be some downloads available (where possible.) I pretty much guarantee that one or more of these bands has something you will like as they tend to cover a wide variety of sound. In the future perhaps I can have an ever wider selection of aritists... but time is of the need to accomplish such things.
      I have pretty much completed each of the music artist pages, yet, I may have future ideas so change is imminent... check them out now anyhow for your own benefit.
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