My online names are the following: Alcoholic007, Alcoholic 007, Lidge Farkley, 0ne0fThe8 (various spellings) and Mitosis (well.... this is an oooold name from quake 1 days.)
          What's the deal with those names? Well... The day I started to really play online games hardcore style was when I got Tribes up and running on my machine in November/December of 1999. I had been watching a James Bond "007" marathon for neerly the whole day and was about to retire to some browsing when I decided Tribes would be a much better way to spend the time. While watching the 007 movies, I noted that in neerly every scene James was drinking some alcohol... I mean... almost every scene! From the enemy base to a steakout, to just before bed, and even at the end in a boat with an imfamouse bond woman. Sure enough, there he was a drinkin' the 007's drink... Alcohol. So... I cracked the joke "man... 007 is an Alcoholic" and went in to play Tribes. Sitting and trying to think of an "orriginal" name to name my self (since there really aren't many orriginal names any more) I recalled the joke, and thus named my online "fps" name as "Alcoholic007" and set to flag running in my favorite First-Person-Squad-Combat- Shooter ever, Tribes. Ever since then, it had been my online gameing name for FPS's.
          Before that, it was "mitosis" in Quake 1, because I had the uncanny (or annoying) ability to memorize and time spawn points to the teee... which made it hell to play against me, since I would just rocket each spawn point at regular intervals, thus making it neerly impossible to even get a shot off at me with out dying. (mitosis is a process of cellular respiration in which the cell duplicates itself.)
          Now... Before I played many games online, a few friends and I would get together and play "D&D" (dungeons and dragons) for a few hours a month (or week, if we had time.) In playing people usually chose names of gods or movie characters... names we've all heard before. I, on the other hand, did not want to have a "well known" name... I wanted a more imaginative sounding name that could have been one from the past, so as to imitate an ancient pesant boy who becomes a man through the strange journey in D&D land. I got out some candy "tins" from foreign candy companies, and proceeded to look into the ingedients hoping to find some of the older sounding language. I had some luck there and named a character "Citro" who was killed by the evil member of our party for unknown reasons... causing a major fiasco and ending that game. So... I had to think up a new one... and this time the candy tin lent me no good ideas.. so I just kind of thought hard and came up with something nobody had heard (and everyone laughed at) Lidge! This was good, it sounded like an actual name... but it lacked fullness... so I gave him a last name (also out of the blue) Farkley! Lidge Farkley was born, the name stuck, and now is my RPG name in online games as well as offline games (like the supernintendo games Secret of Mana, and Zelda: a link to the past.)
          Angelfire was kind enough to supply me as well as countless others with such a wonderful free webspace to learn and grow in our web development ability. I recommend you get at least a free account and delve into the web site coding area yourself if you have not already done so. It can be an excellent way to put your resume on line, show off your pictures of your family, friends, and pets, or just a place to get ideas out of your head and into a realm where people can give them some good thought, relieve your stress, or just make more stress as you struggle to conquer the web-code beast. This has been and still is progressing as an excellent experience for myslef and my free time.
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