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Below are tutorials I have tried on my own coming from various sites on the Internet. For each project you will find the link in case you would like to try them out. I hope you enjoy viewing my attempts and that they will inspire you to try them yourself.

My first project was to try doing a lesson creating a rain effect. Here's the link for you:


With this tutorial you can also create a snow effect. The tutorial was written in explicit detail and was very easy to follow with no guess work involved. If you can follow instructions, you will succeed with this one. Thanks to Jo-Ellen of Jo-Ellen's Graphics.

I do believe I am about to become a very big fan of this creator. She was the author of the "Jesus & the Children" tutorial which I completed when I was a member of the SEA PSP workshop and can be seen on that page. I just couldn't resist doing this lesson because of the beautiful eyes on the baby. If you would like to check out this and other tutorials by this magnificent artist whose tutorials are quite detailed but extremely well explained, just click on the link and it will take you to her site. Thanks so much Christina.

"Christina's Tubes and Tutorials"

I belong to a wonderful group called "Heavenly Sigs". I did this tutorial which was provided by them and it teaches how to move water. I was supposed to receive an approval to display the link and credit to this tutorial, but it never arrived. I suppose if you join this group, you can get the tutorial there.

This tutorial was from a group I belong to called "Penpals N Friends". It was written by Carrie and taught how to curve text. Unfortunately, it would seem that this group no longer exists and so I cannot provide a link to the tutorial.

How to curve your text by Carrie