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Right On Marylee! Marylee is a fellow Digger at WOSIB and made this cute gift for all the diggers. If you want to visit her site, just click on it and it will take you right there. Thanks Marylee.

This beautiful snow globe was sent to me on January 31st, 2003 by Theresa, a WOSIB Angel. Thanks Theresa.

This cute little friendship graphic was sent to me from Donna, a WOSIB Angel. Thanks Donna.

And here's another gift I received from Donna. It's so cute Donna. Thanks.

Again? Wow Donna! I will have to make a special page just for you if you keep this up, but don't stop! I love them and thank you! LOL

Marion from WOSIB sent me this lovely locket.Thanks Marion.

This gorgeous Easter Globe was sent to me on April 12, 2003 by Japhe, who signed my Guestbook. Just click on it and you will be taken to her site. Thanks so much to you Japhe.

And this cute gift was created for all of the Diggers at Wosib by Margot. Thanks Margot.

Isn't this the most adorable award you have ever seen? At Easter time I joined the Easter Bunny Hunt competiton at Wosib and won. Veronica sent me the award but due to two computer crashes, I lost it twice and had to "bug" her to resend it to me. Thanks for the patience and indulgence Veronica. I would have hated to have lost this. xoxoxo

This is a gift I received from Angelmom from Heaven's Angels.Thanks so much Angelmom. It is so pretty.

On April 23rd, 2003 I had surgery to repair torn cartiledge on my knee and dear sweet Margot from WOSIB sent me this lovely get well gift. As I told her, I think she performed a miracle with her wishes, because here I am, two days later, and walking with a limp, but without the crutches. Thanks Margot. It's amazing what feeling cared for can do. xoxoxo

I belong to the Star Search Cloud at Heaven's Angels and my pleasure is to invite other sites to join Heaven's Angels (maybe I have even visited you?). I just received this award for doing what I like so much and here it is. Thanks to the Guardians. I just love it.

And the "Site of the Week" award goes to ............ta da.........everyone at Wosib. In honor of WOSIB's third anniversary all members were given this award. WOSIB'S third year slogan is "We've Come a Long Way, Baby" and I, myself, sure have as far as web sites so. A year ago, I never even conceived of having my own web site. Today I have 5. And, it's all thanks to WOSIB (Kimber, in particular) that I have come this far and developed this new passion and entered this wonderful world. I still shake my head in amazement that this outstanding group was founded by a little girl of 15 years old who wasn't eligible to join any Women's groups because she hadn't reached the age of 18. Well, you have reached that age now Stargaze and you are unbelievable. You can now stick out your tongue at all those groups who wouldn't have you then. It was a blessing in disguise. Thanks, Stargaze for reaching for the moon, grabbing your own personal star with both hands and sharing it with all of us. Thanks WOSIB for all that you have given me. Thanks Kimber for creating this, my first and very favorite web site and thanks Jeanie for the most thoughtful idea of presenting this award to all the members of WOSIB.

Angel Girl KB was my personal "Simply Enchanting Angel" and sent me all sorts of stuff to spoil me. Unfortunately, more computer problems came my way between June 15th and June 20th and I didn't get anything because I lost my email from those dates. This beautiful gift did come through when Angel Girl KB revealed herself to me and I am so grateful that I didn't completely miss out on my "spoiling". Thanks so much Angel Girl KB. It is so sweet and nice of you to have done this.

What a nice way to start the month of July with this lovely gift from Heavens Blue Angel from Wosib. I thank you so much HBA. I was feeling quite low today and this just picked me right up. xoxoxo

I don't know why I am so fortunate to be spoiled by so many nice people. July 13th, 2003 I discovered that I have another Secret Angel from Simply Enchanting Angels. She has sent me these lovely gifts which I would like to share with you and she accidentaly blew her cover which I am glad about because now I can thank you personally sweet Angel Wings. I love them all and am so grateful to you.

And four more on July 14th,2003!!!! My goodness Angel Wings, you really are spoiling me!!!!

Here's some more gifts I received from dear Angel Wings. Thank you so much. They are gorgeous.

This secret angel of mine sure is the most generous angel I have ever met. July 21, 2003 - here are four more gifts. You are too much Angel Wings. Thank you.

And here are still two more gifts from Angel Wings. I am overwhelmed and thank you.

And I thought I was so smart! LOL!!!Turns out my unsecret secret Angel Wings really did keep her identity secret and her real name is "Angel Kathryn". Well, my dear, you really had me fooled and you really did spoil me. Thanks so much. I just love the next gift you sent me. It's nice to know I have a "cupboard full of angels" for whenever I need to call on one.


This gorgeous gift was sent to me by Whispy Angel of the Wosib Angel Garden. I love it and thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.

This token of thoughtfulness was sent to me by Becca on September 16th, 2003. Thanks so much Becca.

Angel Love sent me this cute Halloween gift on this same date. Thanks so much Angel Love.

Heaven's Blue Angel sent me this lovely gift on October 28th, 2003. Thanks so much HBA. One can never get too many hugs, especially when they are from angels.

Here's where I am proud to display memberships, gifts and awards I have received.


I joined Angels Touching Hearts in September, 2003. Here are a couple of welcome gifts I got from Angel Happy Heart who is Co-Owner of this wonderful on line group. Thank you so much.


There's no use being an angel unless you have something to do to earn your angel wings and so each angel belongs to a cloud. I joined the Star Search Cloud and, who knows? I might be visiting your site to invite you to join us. Lady Elina sent me this Star Search plaque and if you would like to become an angel, all you need to do is click on it and it will take you to the application form. Don't forget to say you were sent by "Angel Marilyn" (LOL).

Yippee!!!!! I just received my first set of official Angel Wings. Now when I visit your site to invite you to join Heaven's Angels, I can fly on over instead of walking and tripping all over my angel gown. With my sore knee, the trip was not easy.(L0L)Thanks Angel Donna, I will wear them with pride.

Wow! I am truly blessed! This adorable gift was sent to me from Guardian Angel Donna on April 1st, 2003. Now, it's nice to know that there are angels out there, but when you get a gift from the Head Angel of the Hugs Cloud you know life has got to be great. Thanks Donna, I love it!

Along with the overwhelming number of welcome messages all of Heaven's Angels have left in my guestbook, I have gotten another gift. This wonderful one was sent to me by Guardian Bren. Thanks so much Brenda. It is so cute.

This beautiful award was present to my by the Star Search Cloud from Heaven's Angels. I am so honored to have received this and so grateful.

Wow! What else can I say! First of all I receive the beautiful award above, and then I find that I have been named "Angel of the Week". Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

This sweet gift was sent to me by Angel Lil Diane on August 25th.On August 22nd, my mother suffered a massive stroke which left her paralyzed, unable to speak, helpless and bedridden. It was an event which was totally unexpected and was understandably devastating to all of the family in view of the fact that up until that day she was totally independent. It was so nice of you Angel Lil Diane to take the time to send this beautiful gift along with your warm wishes. And, it helps so much to know that you care.

This next gift was sent on the same day by Aussie Angel. It is amazing how people with big hearts never miss the opportunity to send loving thoughts when someone is in need. And you are one of those special people, Aussie Angel. Thank you so much.

And this one was sent to me by Angel Tan. Thanks Angel Tan. It is lovely.

This award was sent to me by Brenda for being the Top Recruiter for August, 2003. One thing about Heaven's Angels is that they sure do not let their members feel forgotten. I love you all and thank you so much for this award.

This award is very, very special to me. Although the date shown on it is in the month of September, it was actually sent to me by Guardian Donna on October 5th, 2003. That date will be forever etched on my mind as it is the day that my mother died. My mother got progressively worse after her stroke and when she started to be in obvious unbearable pain, testing was done which revealed she had generalized cancer. She suffered so much until the end and it was heartbreaking to see her have to deal with it especially since she had no way of communicating her suffering to anyone.

And so, although the name on the angel wings is mine, I would like to dedicate them to my mother, for it is she, who on that date received her very own angel wings and went to a place where she would hurt no more. I LOVE YOU MUMMY. Thanks Donna for this most treasured of gifts.

Also on October 5th, Angel Lady Elina nominated me to the Carnation Garden of Heaven's Angels. What a beautiful honor that of all the angels you have picked me. Thank you so much for this beautiful gift Angel Lady Elina.


In August,2003 I became a member of the "I Have Wings" Webring. Below is my membership plaque.


I became a member of this group in May, 2003 and look forward to getting to know all the members and joining in all the group activities.

New membership plaques were issued in July, 2003 and here is mine.

As part of my membership, I decided to join the Welcoming Committe of this group as well as the PSP Workshop Committee. Here's my membership badge for the Welcoming Committee. My badge for the PSP Workshop committee is on my assignments page.

On the left towards the bottom are gifts by the ton sent from a SEA Secret Angel in July. Well, seems like another Secret Angel has come my way and I am again being showered with gifts. Thank you Secret Angel for these. They are really nice.


On July 22nd, SEA Nursedeb sent me this lovely gift. These wonderful angels are so thoughtful and to you Nurse Deb, I send my heartfelt thanks.

On August 3rd, 2003 Angel Elainna sent me this lovely Unicorn Globe. Thanks to Angel Elainna not only for this gift but also for the suggestion to change my font. Over the next while I will be removing the Lucida Handwriting Font and so Dear will be seen in plain text. The font file disappeared from my storage files as well as my computer and from what I can see, it is no longer available as a free font. Thanks Angel Elainna both for the beautiful gift as well as the suggestion.


This is my member banner sent to me by Fae, one of the Founders of Sisters with Style. I am so in love with it. I think the "Sisters of Style" really do have "style" not to mention "class". Thanks Fae.

I also received this Welcoming Gift from Fae . Thanks so much Fae. I am very proud to have become a member of your wonderful group.


I am participating in this on line website competition and won at the Eastern Hemisphere Level in November, 2003. Here is my award which I am very proud to display. Thanks Web Leagues.

And then in December, I won this award at the Taj Mahal Level. Thanks again.


Back in November, 2002 I knew nothing about web site creation and HTML. It was through WOSIB and particularly designer Kimber that I got this page up and started. I am eternally grateful to Kimber and WOSIB and would love to see every woman who surfs the net have this same opportunity. And so, I joined WOSIB's Diggers Garden. WOSIB is a great sisterhood and there are lots of warm and welcoming women who belong to it. Are you a woman who has a site or would like to have help creating one? Hopefully one day I will visit your site and invite you to join. If you, yourself, would like to become a member, all you have to do is click on my Digger's Card and it will take you right to the application. Or you can email the diggers at Please don't forget to mention that I referred you.xoxoxoxo



This pretty angel was sent to me on March 11th, 2003 by Marion, a WOSIB Angel. Thanks Marion.

What a nice surprise. July 30th, 2003. Marion's has come to pay another visit and leave me some beautiful gifts. She made them herself and they are so lovely. Thanks Marion.




Thanks to Angel Judi who sent me this sweet gift on September 5th. It is so pretty.

On September 16th, Rita of the Wosib Diggers sent me this lovely gift. Thanks Rita, I am looking forward to life getting back to normal and being able to participate the way I used to.

And this gift was sent to me by Angel Mazzie. I love it so much. Thank you. You have made me smile.

Margot sent this gift to me. Thanks Margot. It is truly beautiful.

This beautiful deer was sent to me by Heidi. Thank you so much. It is so sweet and gentle looking.

On November 16th, I received this beautiful award from the WOSIB Diggers. I will treasure this forever. It is so tastefully done and is awesome.Thank you so much for this honor.