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Birthdays can be great days of celebration or they can be a reminder of how alone you are. They are days of reflection on how the year past has been and days of planning for the future. This year for me was not a good one. Major disappointments at work, no love life, a lot of physical pain and a year mostly of isolation and retreat. As you know, if you read my home page, I suffer from major depressive disorder and as I write this, it has got me in its grip and life is not fun. Fortunately, I have my web sites and many groups which I belong to and some really great off-line friends and family. It's hard to be hopeful when you are in the depths of depression, but I somehow am, hoping that this period of darkness has come my way to open the door to sunshine, new beginnings and better things.

I have created this page to thank all those who have tried to make this birthday a good one. To thank my family, friends for their calls, cards, good wishes and gifts and to show the wonderful and beautiful gifts sent to me by my online friends.


These are gifts which I have been sent in my email. Thank you so much for taking the time to send them. I appreciate them so much.

Even though Angel Mimi of Simply Enchanting Angels sent me three gifts in my birthday book which you can see below, she also took the time to send me this gift along with a most magnificent and majestic rendition of "Happy Birthday" playing right in the email. Thank you so much Angel Mimi. Talk about spoiling someone!!!!

From Angel Mazzie of Wosib. Thank you so much for this beautiful gift.

Although there is no graphic to display here, I did get a most unusual gift from Steve Spalten of Steve sent me a list of how to say "Happy Birthday in 161 Languages". I certainly can't include the list here as it would take up so much space, but I am listing the link so that anyone who wants to see it can go to his site and see it. Here it is:


Thanks Steve. I am sure many people will be pleased to use this.

For this beautiful gift it is to "United in Spirit" that I send my thanks and appreciation.


First of all I would like to share a poem which was sent to me by Angel Sky. It is quite inspirational and really touched the depths of my heart reminding me exactly what birthdays are all about. Thank you so much Angel Sky.

Written By: Cathy Krachinski (Missped)

Don't grow too old for birthdays
And for fun things you used to do
Don't give up your dreams because
you feel they won't come true
Don't forget the sound of laughter
Or the love in someone's eyes
Don't trade memories for pleasures
All that in a moment dies

Don't give up your zest for living
Saying you are much too old
Is this what you feel, or is it
Something that you have been told
There's a valley deep within us
Where there is no sound of sorrow
And the birds forever sing
With age there comes wisdom

That is a blessing to us all
Hold your years up like a banner
Wave it brightly in the sun
Lonliness can never touch you
If you share love with others

Happy Birthday on this special day

As you can see by this poem, joining Simply Enchanting Angels has put me in touch with a beautiful and loving group of people. I have joined their Welcoming Committee and PSP Workshop and love all the people I have met. So kind, they presented me with a Birthday Book especially designed by Angel Serenity (thank you so, so much Angel Serenity). This book was filled with wonderful messages and so many gifts. I wanted to share the gifts with you and I thank each and every Angel immensely for your thougthfulness.

From Angel Abigail:

From Angel Andrea:

From Angel Aster:

From Angel Cally:

From Angel Christina:

From Angel Dove:

From Angel Elainna:

From Angel Judy:

From Angel Lolo:

Three From Angel Mimi:

From Angel Moonlight:

Two from Angel Purfectdream:

From Angel Romance:

From Angel Serenity, the angel who also created my birthday book:

Two from Angel Sky the angel who also wrote the beautiful poem above:

From Angel Smile:

From Angel Vikki:

From Angel Zeline:

From Iamyourangel:

From Native Angel:

In complete and utter sincerity and gratitude I thank you all so very much for making this day memorable.

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