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Here are links to just a small sampling of great info on deaf dogs, Catahoulas, agility, therapy dogs, sign language, health issues, and more.

  • DDEAF - Deaf Dog Education Action Fund  This website has wonderful information on deaf dogs. You can even become a member.

  • SOS - Sounds of Silence Deaf Dog Rescue.   A rescue organization that knows you will never regret opening your home to a deaf dog.

  • Signs of Love for our Deaf Dogs  Meet India, Hogan, & Georgia.

  • American Sign Language Browser  from Michigan State University.  My favorite sign language website. Shows letters and words in animation.

  • Handspeak  Another good online Sign Language Dictionary. Be sure to check out the Animal Communication page.

  • Deaf Dogs Yahoo List  with over 900 members from all over the world. Members share tips on raising a deaf dog and are a great support group. To join the Deaf Dogs List, you will need a Yahoo ID. This info is provided on the site.

  • Deaf Dogs Are Rescued.   Wonderful article.

  • Deaf Dog Atlas.  If you click on Florida, you'll see Baybe!

  • Delta Society;  Therapy Dogs International; and   Tailwaggers, are all good Therapy Dog websites. If you're interested in training your dog to be a therapy dog (deaf dogs make wonderful therapy dogs!), check these sites out. Tailwaggers also has agility training.

  • THREE DOG BAKERY   Want some great treats for your doggie, and a wonderful book to read called "Amazing Gracie," that's about a beautiful deaf Great Dane named Gracie, and her sisters Sarah and Dottie, and of course, little Claire?  It's all at the Three Dog Bakery - I'm sure there's one near you.  Just go to their website and see.  While you're there, sign your doggie up for the "Tummy Rub Club."

  • Miniature Pinscher Rescue.  Max and Bonnie are Miniature Pinschers.  This link takes you to a wonderful rescue organization for Miniature Pinschers.

  • Have Fun With Your Dog.  This website gives you lots of info on having fun with your dog - places to go,etc.

  • Alpha Boot Camp.  Does your dog think he or she is boss in your house? This website teaches you how to let your dog know he does not run the household. It teaches this in a very humane way and makes for a happier dog and happier family life. Another similar website is Nothing in Life is Free. Check them both out.

These are some of the Catahoula sites I researched before getting Baybe. They are all very, very helpful. You will find that many Catahoula sites will recommend euthanizing deaf pups, like Don Abney's website, however, I personally am thankful Baybe's breeder allowed me to take her into my home and become a wonderful part of my life. I am also grateful that her breeder did not let her go without educating me about the breed and allowing me to make an informed decision.

  • Need some information regarding your pet's health? Merck and Merial have launched the online version of The Merck Veterinary Manual, the world's best selling and most trusted veterinary reference. The manual is now available online at The Merck Veterinary Manual. The Manual is a comprehensive reference on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of animal disease, and it's free of charge, and accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Do you know onions are poisonous to your dog or cat? I didn't either until my minpin, Max, ate some dehydrated onion flakes and had to have a blood transfusion to save his life. Read Onions Are Toxic To Your Dog! to educate yourself on just how toxic onions are to your pet.

  • Chocolate is also toxic to your pet. Here's another article to read: Chocolate Means Danger To Your Dog!

  • Certain plants are also poisonous to your pet. Here's an article telling you about which ones to keep away from your pet.Potentially Hazardous Plants.

I'll be adding more links so come back again! If you want to add a link to your website, just go here:


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