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This page is dedicated to my foster dogs. My first foster dog was named "Buddy." A friend found him on the streets during a rainstorm. She had four dogs and couldn't keep him. I volunteered to keep him while we looked for a home. Buddy had heartworms and had to be treated. My friend took care of Buddy's vet bills, while I kept him quiet for several weeks after his heartworm treatment. Buddy survived his treatment and we found a wonderful home for him. His new home had an American Eskimo dog for him to play with and a pretty backyard with a waterfall. Here is a picture of Buddy:

My next foster dog had a similar name. His name was "Budweiser," but I changed it to Neo. Neo is an Australian Shepherd mix and he is a deaf dog, just like Baybe. Here are some pictures:

The good news is that Neo is now in a new home in West Virginia! He has gone up to West Virginia to live with his new family, Tim and Laura. His new mom and dad are just wonderful and really love Neo. Here is what they wrote recently:

"He's (Neo) so much a part of the family that I can't remember not having him to love. He has stolen the dogs' hearts (Shiloh maybe is not as crazy about him but the Aussies love him) and even one cat, Corndog,likes him a little. I truly believe that in the scheme of life Neo was meant for us and us for him. He's not a little homeless fellow we feel sorry for, he's the best dog, very smart, very funny, very happy and I'm so grateful to have him. I tell him he's my first and last Internet romance, I fell in love with him online through Nancy's pictures and descriptions.

He hero worships little Hushpuppy and even has made jealous Catfish love him. He sleeps with us every night, the only dog who does and he's a wonderful sleeping dog. He's very affectionate with us. I hope he feels secure, I wish I could make him know that he will always be with us."

This is Neo in his new home in West Virginia - doesn't he look right at home in the snow?

Neo was the perfect foster dog and the most loving Aussie boy. Baybe is already looking all over for him. He was the perfect playmate too. Here is how Neo got up north by deaf dog transport to his new family: NEO'S JOURNEY.

May 2003: Another one of my foster dogs was Snowball, and my first deaf Great Dane. Snowball found a home with Mike and Silvia. Here's Snowball with her new family.

Snowball is just the sweetest dog, always wanting to give you kisses and lean up against you. She loves everyone, especially children. Also gets along with dogs and cats. Snowball is two years old. She came to my home in March of 2003 from a shelter. Here's Snowball's photo album, from the day I got her from the shelter to the day she went to her new home. I sure am going to miss her!


There are so many dogs looking for good homes - both deaf dogs and hearing dogs. If you are interested in getting a dog, please save a life and check out your local shelters first. If you want a specific kind of purebred dog, there are purebred rescue groups out there with lots of dogs looking for good homes.

Here are just some of the many places that you can check out if you are interested in adopting a pet. The first one is where Neo was listed. Drop by for a visit, and be sure to spay or neuter your pets.


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