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At the Bridge, June 26, 2006: She left us too soon

Bonnie was my sweet little girl Miniature Pinscher who was with us for 13 years. Her fancy AKC name was "Brooke's Foxy Bonnie Belle."

I got Bonnie for my daughter. As soon as we saw her, we knew she was the one. Bonnie was the most affectionate dog I've ever had. When you would kiss her neck, she would kiss you, then turn her head so you could kiss her neck again. She loved to be on your lap. Being a minpin, she was a good watch dog, just like Max. Bonnie and Max got along beautifully, and Max misses her very much. Here are some pictures of Bonnie. We will miss her!

Baybe says: "Where's Bonnie?" Max and Bonnie with Santa.


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