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Bone's Blog
Tuesday, 21 October 2003
3 out of 10 doctors...
Recommend NIAGARA for depression... What?

Just reading about this guy who went over NIAGARA FALLS and survived. They think he was trying to commit suicide, because he went over head-first, lying on his back. The first person to ever survive the plunge with only the clothes on his back, no barrell, life preserver, or other apparatus. What I'm thinking is, if this was a suicide attempt, the guy has got to be disappointed. I mean, you would think, if you're gonna do something like that, this would be a sure way to do it.

Another funny thing I read is this: There is apparently a standard $10,000 fine for violating a park rule forbidding such attempts. lol Does this seem strange to anyone else? How many people do they actually collect from? I mean, what percentage of people who attempt this actually survive?

Oh well.. back to work. Today is shaping up to be busy.

"The other tear said we've got a connection. I'm a tear of sorrow, born of rejection. I'm from the sad brown eyes of her old flame. She told him they would be lifelong companions, left him with questions and not any answers. I was on his cheek as he stood there calling her name. I could tell he had a lot of my friends for company. So I drifted on down and caught me a ride to the sea..."

Posted by blog/littlenibbler at 8:57 AM CDT
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