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christine vuong                                                                                                                                                                                     

hahah don't we feel special that we have a whole page to ourselves?                                                                                              

hahhahah i'm sorry to break it to you kissy but you're the only person

who's name starts with C that i can think of now! I've known this babe

ever since year 7 and i can remember how mean she was to me too!

omgosh! hahah those were the times, we grew closer though over the

years and found out we were distant cousins! omg what a small world!

hahaha i love this babe for sticking up for me and making me realise

how dumb and stupid i can be at times. i remember the time i smoked

and kissy got so angry at me and i didn't even realise what i did wrong.

she chatted to my cuzin and i got this massive lecture. *sniffz* but now

that i realise it, im grateful that she did that coz it was the turning point

for me, kinda changing me into somebody new! *muahz* lubz u babe.