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Text Box: version III 
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on my agenda:
needs to buy:
rusty beanie $24.95
sass & bide jeans
zippo lighter for ben $50.00
one teaspoon top $99.95
rusty jacket $129.95
lonsdale shoes - $139.95
top end stilettos - $99.95
levi jeans - $140.00
mooks jacket - $149.95
o9/o6/o3 - dad's birthday 
13/o6/o3 - athletics carnival 
14/o6/o3 - titration competition 
16/o6/o3 - maths assessment 
18/o6/o3 - ben + me 28th month 
27/o6/o3 - hazel's birthday & biology practical assessment
28/o6/o3 - karen cho's birthday
o2/o7/o3 - chemistry practical assessment. 
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Text Box: saturday 21st  june 'o3'
listening to: some song on ben's cd wearing: jammies, eating/drinking: chamomile tea,  chatting to: no one
omg harry potter and the order of the phoenix is out today! i'm not a die hard fan but i so want to read the book! but i wasn't like those crazy kunts that lined up since 10 last night just for a copy of the book! i'd probably go get it tomoz! hahaha and line up at 7am! LOL jkz jkz... i was down at livo at quarter past 9 today and ben came and picked me up and drove me to his place but i didn't even get my sausage and egg mc muffin *cries* lol i practically spent the entire day with the kunt. *damn* lol jkz... he even drove me to tutor today! *yipee* don't you think he should like hurry up and get his P's and drive me around so i don't have to catch public transport??? *nodds nodds* hahaha ....i don't know if our relationship has gone to a different level or stage but ben seems to be extremely comfortable in front of me! he stuck his finger up my nose, then wiped it all over my face and tried to push out a fart! hahaha practically opened the window and stuck hit butt out and *blew* hahahah LOL this is what i mean when i say he seems to be extremely comfortable infront of me! i was teaching ben how to use chopsticks today! haha i taught him before but he seemed to have forgotten. he got it! *grinz* im so proud of him. from now on he has to eat his dinner using chopsticks so by the time he meets my parents he'd be a pro at it! hahahah *muahz* i have to be up early tomorrow cause i've got tutor and i'd be at my grandma's for the rest of the day because i've got to pray. it's my grandfather's 'death day'. it's weird how we acknowledge the day that our relatives die and not their birthday. 
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friday 20th june 'o3'
listening to: nothing, wearing: jammies, eating/drinking: nothing,  chatting to: bum + paul
i was so moody today during tutoring. every friday it's the same ordeal. every friday a certain someone annoys the crap out of me! just put yourself in my shoes... it's friday night and you're tired from a full day of school, you are looking forward to the weekends. you want to listen and learn but there's a person that bounces around, commenting on every fuken thing possible and with a high pitched voice that runs like diarrhoea. gawd you'd be pissed too! *growls* anyway, i didn't go to school today. i really got to stop jiggin! hahaha yea but i really didn't feel like it and ben and i had things to sort out. the day wasn't good to begin with because i was feeling crummy from the night before but i woke up in the hope that the day would get better. =) and it did! i went over to ben's place and as usual he was still sleeping! hahah LAZY so i had to sit there and wait him to get out of bed which took him about 1/2 hour and for him to put the clothes out and brush his teeth and eat breakfast! OMG! hahahah man you think i'm bad when it comes to getting ready, try waiting for this kunt! hahahaha LOL. he was being sucha sweety for most of the day. he even called me up during tutoring to make me look *popular* hahahaha LOL that's what he said but really he just missed me too much! *nudge nudge* hahah i made "fireworks" for ben today. they went *kapow* hahah and surprised ben! ATTENTION: BERNARD SIONG farted for the very first time infront of me today! hahahahaha *pinches nose* and btw ben --> *licks fingers and rubs fingers together near (beep)* = 
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