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paul and i go back a long way. i've known him for ages! he's my little god bro and i practically tell him almost everything. this guy has brains and he's also planning to get into med at UNSW. he helps me heaps with school work and with my problems too. he's very supportive of me and he tells me off when i start to lag in school work. he encourages me to work harder and 'apparently' i have to prove to him that i can get 95+ for a UAI! 'LIKE HELLO PAUL!' we think alike in so many ways yet we still  have our different opinions and maybe that's why we get along so well as friends. 
`.- a n n a  l u u
anna poo poo! *smileyz* this is one hella sweet chick that alwayslistens to what i've got to say. we're business studies buddies & if she's gonna do well in business so am i! coz we share notes! hahaha she's a smart! gosh this gurl has natural brains, i swear! she adores RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS. i remember once when i got it mixed up and accidently said CHILLI HOT RED PEPPERS & i thought she was gonna go bizerk on me but she didn't! hahaha she's a bimbo sometimes and that's what i love about her! she fun to hang around and interesting to get to know. she's beautifulas a person and cares about others before herself most of the time. hahahah i know i shouldn't be saying too much 'nice' stuff about her bcoz she'll come to skool everyday and i would have to face that head of hers gettin bigger and bigger!  *muahz*
`.- a n h
Anh is my 29 year old cousin! yes 29 but she's great! i love her      to bitz, naturally coz she's my cousin and the best too. she listens to my nagging and she puts up with all my crap. She comforts mewhen i'm stressed and supports me in whatever i do. *muahz* although she's 29 she's smaller than me, in size comparison. haha MIGIT! 
`.- o t h e r s
stratty chickz -angela lei, mel, jenny lee, kissy, donna, diana, sophie, steph, jenny zeng, vivian, hazel, ivany, ozlem, amy lee, aileen and eileen.
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