wednesday 18th june 'o3'

listening to: nothing, wearing: jammies, eating/drinking: teachatting to: bum + linda

i'm just sitting here trying to do my chemistry homework which requires me to be online to research. hahah no i'm not lying, it's true! it's me n ben's 28 months today! =) *yay* but we don't really celebrate months more like years! hahaha yupz it's been 2 years and 4 months now. might seem like a while but i can honestly say that the feeling hasn't gone away *awwww* and i'm not afraid to tell the whole wide world that i luv bernard siong! *yipee* u'd think after all this time he'll have some idea how much he means to me *pokes* hahaha but i gosta say he means much more to me than he think he does... have you ever thought about someone and then just started crying? hahaha i don't know about you but i do that... sometimes i just sit and think about all the things ben and i have gone through and how much stronger we are as a couple now and just remember all those times just makes me cry. it's then that i realise how much i really do luv him. i don't even know if it's stupid to cry like that! hahahah ah welliez toldcha i'm an emotional person. anyway, i went to get my L's again this afternoon. i got to say that this photo is way better than the last i had! hahaha i looked kinda stoned in the last one! it's such a hassle trying to get all my cards and stuff back! friggen hell! those kunts that stole my fone and wallet could have given back my cards and photos! like what are they going to do with it?! ah welliez...

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tuesday 17th june 'o3'

listening to: amanda perez - angel, wearing: black skivy + jeans, eating/drinking: Mc Donald's cookies,  chatting to: no one

my phone + my wallet got stolen today. well i don't even know if it was stolen or if it just fell out of my bag! >!< i was at burwood today with ben and went to watch 2fast 2furious. since it came out, i haven't even seen it so yea decided to go today. Ben and i went to buy macca's and then i took out my wallet from my bag and gave him like 20 buks to go buy the tickets and placed my wallet back into my bag, zipped it up and headed to the toilet. came out went into cinema 2 and watched the movie, came out and realised my bag was open and my wallet + my coin purse + my phone was gone. i mean come on, my army knife is as heavy as my phone and i still have that so it couldn't have fallen out! i friggen don't understand how i lost the thing! plus i didn't pay attention to my bag which was at my feet during the movie. WDF! ever since i've gotten home i've called up RTA, Commonwealth Bank, Fly Buys, Labour Party and Centrelink! they can keep the phone for all i care but my wallet and all my cards! it's just a hassle to go and get them back again + ben gave me that wallet for xmas and now that's 2 christmas presents that i've lost now. first it was the bracelet now it's my celini wallet! *cries* well now i've got to buy another sim, thank god i still have my old 8210 left at home! hahaha and pay for all my new cards n shit! man there goes saving up for the Levi's i saw yesterday for $140.

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thursday 12th  june 'o3'

listening to: nothing, wearing: jeans + top + scarf eating/drinking: herbal tea  chatting to: thao

oh gawd! i'm supposed to be studying because i've got an assessment tomorrow but! my mum decided she wanted to go to DFO and so she dragged me along as well, knowing that i had an exam the next day! *aargh* i didn't even buy anything but i saw a nice bag that i wanted for $80. *grinz* might go back and get it next week. anyway i had a phone call from my tutor today telling me that he is unable to teach me on sat from 5 -7 unless i get down to the college before 3! like WDF! is he expecting me to skip one lesson from school and attend his class? *pfffT* and i've waited for like 5 million weeks already for him to finish his stupid HSC editing so he can finally teach me! this is the same kunt that got some yr 12 student to 'help' me on the shoehorn sonata! i mean come on man! i cud have gotten thao to help me free of charge too! *growls* well finally the kunt said that he was willing to cancel one of his junior classes to teach me! hahahah i feel special now! ... despite this i'm feeling rather happy today. maybe because ben was being such a sweet lil baby last night that he made me heart go that extra mile *grinz* and the fact that during tutoring today i was able to do almost every question the guy chuked at me, which means i'm confident about my exam tomoz. i'm waiting for thao to send me some past papers so i can practice some more. like i said ben was being such a lil sweeti last night. i was actually suprised too. i was wandering if he was acting like that i couldn't hate him...or he wanted me to buy him something hahah he reckonz that no body hates him LOL he's such a bum. *smiles* i hope i can see him this week so he can buy me lunch! LOL he hasn't bought me lunch for like 2 weeks now *cries* ah but i miss him very much. i actually woke up this morning thinking he was sleeping next to me! hahah i think i was half asleep still! anyway peeps wish me luck for my assessment 2moz!

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