Medusa-Molly's Other Character Picture Gallery

Yes, I'm very lazy at this point, and I'm getting grief for not completing this faster. This is my Other Characters Picture Gallery. These, with a few exceptions, are not my characters, but rather characters that my friends and other people have created and have asked me to draw a picture of them. The timeframe of these pics are between September 1999 up to April 2001, most occuring in the summer of 2000 where I offered free of charge character pictures for anyone with a decent enough description I could draw from. That summer I completed at least 30 pictures, probably far more. Anyway, enjoy the galleries!

Medusa-Molly, July 2001.

P.S. Yes, a better format will be done soon. There's over 80 pictures posted here in JPG format, each page having between 15-25 pictures thumbnailed. The picture itself is accessible by clicking the thumbnail.Oh, and by the way, it's better if you just leave the Angelfire ad minimized than to X it out and have it keep coming up. :o Just some advice. Anyway, on with the pics!

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