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An Aaronridge Golden Retriever


Another Aaronridge Golden Retriever, Romance is a sister to Heaven.  A very pretty girl, Romie stands 22 inches and weighs 65 pounds, fitting very nicely into the Golden Retriever standard.  She is a very sturdily built golden retriever, light golden in colour, with dense coat and heavy feathering.  Romie is a very pretty golden retriever with beautiful conformation.  Romance was born August 1, 1994.  She had one litter in 1996 and we will be planning a litter in 1999 with her.  Romie achieved her championship very easily although she prefers to stay home and play.  The show ring is not exactly where she thinks her life should be spent.  She loves to be home playing with her Golden Retriever buddies and her two legged buddies.

Romance is a very gentle soul.  Although she loves to rough and tumble all day long with her best friend Rio, she is truly and remarkably gentle with children, puppies and cats -- truly a golden retriever at heart.  She has a special affinity for very young children and for puppies.  Romance achieved her Canine Good Citizen Award and is certified as a therapy dog.  We are looking forward to her next litter sometime in the spring of 1999.  Romance is an excellent example of the golden retriever breed.

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