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A Golden Retriever at Aaronridge



This is Susie, one of our Golden Retrievers, the dog with the permanent smile.  Susie is a happy, spoiled and precious golden retriever.  She is truly the dog that brings your slippers to you in the morning.  Well ...   she kind of has to because she steals them to lay on them at night and then brings them one at a time when she sees your eyes open in the morning.  This is one golden retriever girl that is certainly not short on brains !!!

Special announcement:
Due to uploading some pictures of our golden retrievers do not retain true colour.  Susie's face appears gray however, although she has a lighter gold face, she is not gray.  She just wanted me to tell you that !!


  Susie has very nice conformation and fits well into the golden retriever standard.  She is medium gold, stands 22-1/2" and weighs 68 pounds.  In this picture she is a little short of coat, having had a beautiful litter of golden retriever puppies prior to having her picture taken.  Golden Retriever females lose a lot of coat after having puppies and then it all grows back again.  Susie carries a thick, slightly wavy coat with really nice, lighter feathering.  Her personality is one of a confident, outgoing dog that loves to be patted, truly a Golden Retriever personality.  Kenzie and Allison have a special love for Susie and Susie has a special love for Kenzie and Allison.  Susie very much loves children, and typical of all our Golden Retrievers, she loves to be fawned over.

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