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Quindy, an Aaronridge Golden Retriever


Quindy is an Aaronridge Golden Retriever.  She was born December 16, 1993.  Medium gold in colour, Quindy is 21-1/2 inches and weighs 60 pounds.  She fits nicely into the Golden Retriever Breed Standard.  She is a very pretty golden retriever with beautiful coat, feather and conformation.  A very spirited girl, she is energetic and fun.  Quindy has a heart of gold and is best friends with Bob, Justin and Moose.  She also loves the cats.  Quindy is a very alert girl who loves fieldwork and is very good at it.  Quite simply, Quindy is what a golden retriever should be.

Unfortunately this picture is not very clear and the colouring on her face is not that becoming.  We are working on a new picture -- I'm sure she'd be mortified to see this one.

Quindy has had two litters and will be having one more at the end of 1999.  Quindy enjoys being a mother and often is seen playing and teaching her pups.  She herself is a very obedience smart dog with split second response to commands.  We have a lot of fun with Quindy, and for Quindy life IS a lot of fun.  She is a special golden retriever.

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