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    Welcome to the world that is DEAD SOCIETY. We are a Virginia Beach hardcore/metal band that started 1996! The band started literally the day Dan and Sean moved in. "Went next door grabbed Bub and told him he was going to play guitar, let him use mine and showed him what little I knew," Dan explains. Bub learned really quick and was really excited about it. After a little over 1 year the band found a kid named Ryan. He then started playing guitar with Bub. Soon Sean got a bass and started playing. The band soon started making there own songs. "But something was missing, and we realized no one was singing, so we got Bub to sing. But that was short lived." -Dan says. But the band started fighting  and the band started looking grim. After awhile every one started drifting apart. Soon Ryan moved away and the rest of the band split. But after a month or two Dan and Bub started jamming. Sean would sit in most of the time. By now the band went from Nirvana to Deftones. This is the spark of the true Dead Society.
    Dan now got Billy Berry to do vocals. Sean was still on bass and Bub still on guitar. The 1st song ever played by Dead Society was "head-up" This was around the summer of 98. "It was nuts it sounded really good! none of us could believe it."-Sean said in shock. They soon played other Deftones songs but before to long Billy was asked to leave the band. "It was just not working, we where all to young to really sit down and do something like that"-Dan.
    So now the band looked with in to fill the new gap. The only one who really wanted to was Sean. So he got the job. But now they where missing a bass player, something that still shows up in the band today. Dan's g/f of 3 1/2 years took the spot. But this was a bad idea from the start. "This band has everything that makes other bands fail.. what they hell are we thinking?"-Dan would often ask his friends and band mates. But usually the only fights where with Dan and his now ex-girl friend. She showed the band Jason Fellows. Jason was a wicked player! He took the band to a new level. This line up looked the best. The band wrote several songs played lots of shows and had a large fan base for an unknown band. But after awhile the band could not find any shows to play. The band started to die down and a fire at Dan and Sean's house would kill off the band. By time Dead Society was back in the house Bub had grew in to a redneck, Jason had started new things and Dan and his ex, well they broke up after she cheated on him. But this was a blessing, now Dan had a new hate fueled fire that is still with him today. The band tried to hold on to Bub. "Bub is a good guy but he changed allot and grew out of the way of life that is Dead Society. So Bub and Dead society split ways.
    Another Sean? Yes! Dan put an ad on for a guitar player. "Like 2 weeks later I get an e-mail from Sean, he tells me the bands he likes and his guitar, I did not like his guitar because it was Ibanez and I like ESP, but that guitar fucking rips! I would not believe it, Ibanez ax 7 string with EMG 707 active hum's. I love it!"-Dan said bragging about the new guitar player, Sean Kane." He is the best guitar player I have ever seen!! He can do it all! I seen him play things from Earth Crisis to Mozart. He is nuts.
He sold almost all his shit to get a new guitar and amp. That kid has his soul in it! The shit he writes is insane! I don't know what to do most the time, he is the best. When we got to guitar shops he blows every one away!"- Dan brags. This line up looks strong. and the band hopes it will be the last of DEAD SOCIETY.

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