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                DEAD SOCIETY
    Hello, this is Dan Da Drum Man, founder of DEAD SOCIETY. I am putting an end to DEAD SOCIETY. After 5 years of trying to just do what my soul told me to do and it not working I am throwing in the towel. This is probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Once Bub (1st guitar player) lost the will to play we where done. But I was to stubborn to give up and I ended up hooking up with other players trying to keep my dream alive. Being the only one to put 100% in was hard and annoying and I gave my all spiritually and my money. I am broken and broke. I was hoping that it would all some how work but no one else wanted it as bad and a band has to be a whole and has to give 100% at all times. I was unable to find people that obsessed with music. Every one that has been in this band are all cool guys. I am going to miss playing with them but I cant afford to keep paying for practice spaces and being the only one who is willing to come home from work and jam all night and still get up go to work and do it all again. Maybe D/S will rise again, as if any one cares. But I would not bet on it. Keep a look out on EBAY for my gear. I am sorry to my band for pushing them harder then they wanted to be pushed. Good bye for now

Ok I got some NEW news I am now in a new band We are working on new songs and a name. Its a bit difrent from Dead Society. I will have a new link up for it very soon we are in the final stages of coming up with a name. So far the songs are a bit more off the wall then Dead Society. Our singer is great he has a very lone voice and its geting stronger every day. The two guitar players are both very good and good writers, we dont have a bass player just yet so feel free to Email me if you are intrested. We have 2 songs done and 2 more we are finishing up. We have one just about done recording so keep an eye out for that. Thank you again to ANY one who helped us out during the long run of Dead Society. We all still rember you and love you for all you did. I just hope to see you guys at our shows with this band. Thank you again. Keep checking in!

Dan Da Drum Man.
DEAD SOCIETY 1996-2001
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