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           DAN DA DRUM MAN'Z

Dan Da Drum Man: Born 4/4/ Witchtaw, Ks (yeah no place like home) but soon moving to Hawaii where his little brother Sean was born on 4/5/85. They lived in Hawaii for a few years before moving to southern California. They only lived for a little over 1 in south Cal. before moving north to Oakland Ca. they lived there for near 5 years. Once again because of there Dad who was in the nave moved to Memphis Tn. This is where Dan started to get in to music. first getting in to bands like Offspring, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and other similar acts. He asked for a guitar and got one for X-mas. He was really ready to play but before he even learned any thing he broke his arm. That set him back 6 weeks. So his guitar sat under his bed for years. Dan's Dad who plays guitar,drums, and just about any thing else you give him wanted to get a drum set. He got his wife to agree and wanting to learn the drums. They got the drums from a guy who was in a car accident and needed to sell them for money. The drum set you see above his the same drums. Well most of them. Dan still has and uses these drums today. Well no one in the house really played the drums, they just took up space. One day Dan had a bad day and needed something to beat up. He garbed some sticks and just started playing. And to the shock of Dan's father he was not that bad. Soon they moved to Virginia Beach, Va. Dan right away wanted to play in a band. He let Bub (lived next door) play his guitar until he got his own. Bub Dan and Sean where in a lot of band together but finally split ways after near 5 years of playing together. But now Sean (pelzel), Sean (kane) and Dan( dan da drum man pelzel) are bringing the shit to you now. So look for some new shit soon!

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