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Laura's Prose & Poetry

Laura's Prose And Poetry

Written with love by Laura, inspired by Ralph

These pages began as an expression of love between two people who met online and felt an instant attraction to the heartfelt words typed to each other. As time passed, we realized that we must meet and see each other in the "real" world. A meeting was arranged and when our eyes met for the first time, we knew that all we had dreamed and never dared to hope for had indeed come true. When we embraced for the first time, it was as though two hearts had finally come home.
We share so much in common, love of the outdoors, nature and being together. We are married now and through our deep love and devotion for each other, these pages continue on. We are best friends, lovers and completion to each other. We are fortunate enough to be able to work together, so in some small way we are managing to make up for all the years we spent preparing for the day that we would finally meet. It is our belief that it was meant to be...somehow written by the pen of fate that our paths would cross. Everyday we spend together is a joy, the happiness we feel is genuine and all encompassing.
Much of the writing on these pages consists of poetry about love and emotions, others are about our explorations both of each other and of the world in which we live. These are our words, written and inspired by love.
It is our hope that in some way, you may also find inspiration here.

Please scroll down and click on the links below to visit our other pages. We hope you'll find something memorable, or perhaps something to make you pause, reflect....and smile.

The original poetry on these pages may not be copied, reproduced, distributed or used in any way without the express written permission of the author.

2010-2015 Laura

We invite you to peruse and ponder our poetry.

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Whispers Of Love
Welcome To Our World
Pages Of Our Lives
Forever Together
Venturing Forth
All About Ralph
Dreams Are Today's Reality
I Celebrate You

The Story Continues......

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Lighting The Way
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Treasures We've Found
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Time In A Hospital Waiting Room

If you've enjoyed your visit thus far....please read on.

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Going Home
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September 11, 2001
So Lucky To Be Loving You
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