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The Lessons on the Random

by amit.

the lessons   you guide to proper IM etiquette
- the rules of laughter.
- the rules of conversation
- the rules of correction
- the rules of dots
- the rules of words for the belated responser
- the rules of warning

i'd say 90% of the world uses 'lol' in some form.. and i might be underestimating...

the purpose of instant messageing, taken straight from Websters (word that means imaginary should go here) Collegiate Dictionary, Copyright approx 2002,  is:

The Purpose of Instant Messaging with AOL or AIM or anything similar is to try the best you can to render what you would normally speak into written text.

I don't know about you, but I have NEVER heard anyone say.. verbally say... "el - oh - el"

a few years ago, i used the phrase 'lol' like 24/7 when i was online.. when people talked to me, i'd hafta think about how i'm gonna laugh.. i've never said "el-oh-el," but i've been oh so close. in my head, i'd say 'el-oh-el'.. but i'd catch myself before  saying it out loud.. i'd be disowned by all my friends if that happened.

then one day.. some of my friends.. no names to be said to protect the innocent lives of sam and greg.. well, it wasn't a day thing.. they just never used 'lol'.. and i realized.. 'lol'... that spells 'lol'... almost rhymes with ball, and hall, and other words... i'm going to use 'ha'.. and then add on to the 'ha' with more 'ha's.. depending on how funny it is

for example:

stupidyetalittlefunnyjokerbuddy:you have a green shirt on

funnyascrapbuddy:you like to eat green leaves on a saturday afternoon, man!
amram71: hahahahahahahahahaha

amram71:hahahahahahahahaha... ok, that's as far as i can go.

the last example proves that if something is freakishly funny, and you have the strength of hercules in your fingers.. go for it... add as many 'ha's as you possibly can. play a game with yourself.  say something like:

amram71'smind:hmm, 100 ha's in 1 minute.. think i can do it?
amram71'sconscience:no! give up. you cant do it!
amram71'sconscience(the good one):go for it, buddy!

whew.. that hurt

Rule 2:

REFRAIN! (i understand that i broke rule 1 of typing in all caps, but ya..)


for the dumb ones:
the acronym means:
Rolling on the floor laughing like I laughed back in eight grade when my teacher ate a cream pie made of ... cream, I guess. How gay can acronym get LOL!