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The Lessons on the Random

by amit.

the lessons   you guide to proper IM etiquette
- the rules of laughter.
- the rules of conversation
- the rules of correction
- the rules of dots
- the rules of words for the belated responser
- the rules of warning
Rule 1 - Never correct spelling errors when it is amazingly obviously what teh intended word is. (ex: i love yuo amit.... you*)

Rule 2 - Always correct spelling traetfs from which the intended word can not be obtained. (ex: Always correct spelling traetfs... errors*)

-Exception: Something you might consider doing is just being too lazy to let the message's recipient know what the intended word is. If they care enough, they will afddsaf you what you really meant. Sometimes though, people don't care at all, so by correcting an error, you wasted a lot of time.