Jane Austen Fan Fiction

Jane Austen Fan Fiction by Teanna

I have divided my JA fiction into two categories: Stories posted at the DWG and stories posted at The Gate. For now, all my stories are meant to be funny and entertaining, and so the only real difference between them are that The Gate - stories are racier and less careful about language. There is nothing graphic, but I consider this division Fair Warning to my readers!

DWG Stories

Ruffle at Raffles (145k)
Singapore, the year 1900. Fitzwilliam Darcy is looking for, in no particular order; rubber, money, a wife, release from his annoying relatives, and a new roof for Pemberley. Will he find it? Will he kill the poodle? Will he realise that true love is a gift to treasure? Chapters 1 - 10 Chapters 11-18

The Family at Matlock (137k)
In this Regency sequel to Pride and Prejudice, the Fitzwilliam Family try to top the Bennets for madness! Not to mention the sheep! Six chapters posted!

Lords and Redheads (60k)
The Duke of Longbourn has five red - headed daughters, all with different tempers. Lady Elizabeth Bennet isn't afraid of shouting or slapping men in public, which is why her sisters all hope she'll marry the promising young politician Darcy.