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Long Hair Country

The Land where the long hair grows


There are many countries in the world with beautiful long-haired women. But in some of them it seems that there are more such women than elsewhere. Letís discover such countries. This time our long hair country is Romania:



Long hair has an old tradition in that Eastern European country, as you can see on this postcard from the 1920s.











Maria Dragomiroiu, a Romanian folklore singer, keeps alive the beautiful tradition of long braids. She has hair to her knees.




Photo: Maria Dragomiroiu






Diana M. (born 1982) is a young beauty and proud to show off her great mane of 135 cm (4 ft 5 in) in length. She is 170 cm in height. (2004)






Photo: Sorin Pana









Iona Marchis is the woman with the longest hair in Baia Mare, a town in northwestern Romania. She grows her hair for 14 years. Now it is 140 cm (4 ft 7 in) long  Ė and still growing.




Photo: Averea









Sanda Valea (born 1979) holds the record for the woman with the longest hair in Romania. Even when the thick rope of hair is wrapped around her neck the remainder reaches knee-length.










Sanda poses for the photographer.







Sanda and her amazing ponytail. She is a teacher and wears her hair braided at school.















Sanda completely enveloped in her hair is a really sensationel look. Her hair was 1,71 meters (67 inches) in length when these photos were shot in 2005.














Lidia Roman (born 1976) lives in a small village near Gherla. When Lidia joined a TV competition for the longest hair in Romania in October 2008, she won easiely with her floor-length mane. Her hair measures 165 cm (65 inches) in length and weighs 2,4 kilograms. For daily haircare she needs about 45 minutes, but washing and drying (2 hours) is hard work once or twice a week. Anyway she is very proud of her amazingly thick cloak of  hair.


Photo: O. Chis






Archive of other long hair countries:








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