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Archive of other Long Hair Countries






Georgia Sebrantke, although a woman of Greek descent, is a classic German Rapunzel. She did held the Guinness World record of longest hair from 1983 to the Mid-Nineties with her 3 meters of hair.




Gertrud was a schoolgirl at a time when really long hair was a rarity yet. During the Sixties and Seventies such long hair disappeared from the heads of many young girls. Before it was still traditional for a German girl to wear her hair long.







Brigitte Woellner. Born 1961 in Wiesbaden, she was one of those rare long-haired women in the eighties. Brigitte began her career as a cover girl of the German edition of man’s magazine “Playboy” in 1982 and starred in a B-movie titled “Cold As Ice”.







Sylvia Ziegler, a beautiful belly-dancer from Munich, showed off her 1,40 m mane in spectacularly performances during the early Nineties. She is half German and half Mexican.








Nicole Wagner is a client of a German George Michael salon and has won a prize with her healthy hair in 1997.










Britta from Stuttgart. If you want to know more about her, please visit her interesting homepage at:








Petra Schlesinger, the winner of the second German Rapunzel contest 1998, called herself a “hairgoddess”.





Marina is one of the many beautiful models of hair-photographer Bodo Jaster who does presently the most artful hair photos in Germany. Please visit his website at:








Sabine is another beautiful model of You can find more photos of her at Frank Ploenissen’s “The Long Hair Site” at (the mother of all internet hair sites).








Susanne Kalb from Saarlouis is somebody like an icon among the long hair community in Germany. She was born 1965 in Romania and grew her mane to floor-length in the1990’s. Susanne has her own website at








 The enlarged, big pictures are available (except of the hairphoto pics) along with many additional photos from the Rapunzel Long Hair Archive collection on our CD “Long Hair Countries, Part 2”. Click the link at left frame “From the Archive”!


Archive of other long hair countries