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Long Hair Country

The Land where the long hair grows


There are many countries in the world with beautiful long-haired women. But in some of them it seems that there are more such women than elsewhere. Let’s discover such countries. This time our long hair country is Russia:

краса  длинная коса, самые длинные волосы, конкурс на самую длинную косу, девушка с самой длинной косой, Коса - девичья краса



Valentina Gagarina was the wife of the famous cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space. But did you know that she was a Russian beauty with a long dark braid down to below her knees, too? It seems that there aren’t any photos of her with her hair down but we found this rare picture from her family photo album (about 1961).

Валентина Ивановна Гагарина






An artist from the town of Novosibirsk, shot by American photographer Nathan Farb during his travel to the Soviet Union in 1985.


Photo: Nathan Farb







Alexandra Petrova, born 1980, won the title Miss Russia 1996. The young beauty was a also a contestant for the 48th Annual Miss Universe 1999 Pageant. She stood 5 ft 11 in (180cm) in height and her brown hair reached thigh-length. Her life ended in tragedy:  An unidentified gunman shot and killed the former Miss Russia in the entrance to her apartment building in the Volga River city of Cheboksary on late Saturday night on September 17, 2000. She was just 20 years old.









Tatyana Pismennaya is the woman with the longest hair in Russia since the year 2000. This stunning photo shows the full length of her 219 cm (87 inches) long mane. She lives in the town of Elista/ Kalmyk region. Here is another photo from our contest page, which shows her as a guest of the Pantene contest  in Moscow 2001.

татьяна письменная, самая длинноволосая россиянка








Ekatarina Potrebicz won a competition held by hair care producer Pantene in Moscow 2001 Then her hair was 140 cm in length (Click here for a photo from that event!). Now it has grown to her calves as you can see here on her website.










A young contestant of the “Pantene’s Beautiful Braid” contest 2001









Irina Mukoveena, born 1979, is a Muscovite beauty with 126 cm (50 inches) long hair.












Another Irina from a small town. Although very long hair seems to be more often existing in Russia than elsewhere, it is a true rarity nowadays.










Anastasia Damberg from Yelabugha/ Tatarstan. She is a  young and tall girl whose blonde hair reaches a length of 150 cm. She is very proud of it and washes her glory only with pure spring water.


Photo: Valeria Damberg








A “Russian braid” is something like a myth in Russia: the word means a girl who owns an especially long and thick braid which always belongs to a true Russian beauty. There are many competitions with names like “Marya Krasa – Dlinnaya Kosa (Marya Beauty, Long braid)” or “Russkaya Krasa – Dlinnaya Kosa (Russian Beauty, Long Braid)” across Russia, sponsored by investors who hope to find models for fashion and haircare advertising industry. Марья-краса - длинная коса




Elena (born 1976) is a modern Russian girl who lives in Frankfurt/ Germany now. (2004)













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